mercredi 4 mars 2009

Male and female brains appreciate art differently

Interesting  article you can read here.


Princess2phore a dit…

Yeah, well...

Let me assure you that my man and I BOTH consider the drawings of our 3 years old son worth any Rembrandt ! ;-)

Anyway, I find the content of the article a bit weak - no real breakthrough in neuroscience here, really... It is as if the BBC journalist had only read the summary of the research paper.
Also I found the quote dramatically illustrating the article extremely amusing ("We know for sure that there are differences between the male and female brain" says Professor Friedermann Pulvermuller).
But I'm ironizing on the journalist's work here, and not the research paper itself, which might prove interesting.
Thanks anyway for the article : it gives a good opportunity to talk about evolution and genetics and draw attention on the ideas of Pr. Francisco Ayala, for whom there is no contraction between faith and evolution.
Cheers :-) !